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15+ Tips in marriage life


There are some important tips that help spouses to organize their life and family, and to reach happiness and stability, including Good communication between family members and good communication between the spouses and their family members appears by following the following methods:

  • Constructive and meaningful dialogue: It is the key to a successful marriage. Listening and exchanging opinions between spouses, and giving space for children to express themselves calmly and flexibly will help them understand each other more, increase intimacy and love, and bring them closer.
  • Adequate maturity and bearing responsibility: Both spouses must have sufficient maturity, take responsibility for their actions, and realize the importance of marriage, its sanctity, and the need to think logically in all stages and steps for the future of the relationship and the stability of the family.
  • Praise and thanksgiving: It is a person’s duty, and it indicates good upbringing and good morals, and recognition of gratitude brings hearts closer and strengthens relationships, so all family members must exchange expressions of thanks for various actions, and show their sincere love and gratitude for each other.
  • Equality and participation: The spouses must realize the necessity of sharing between them in various responsibilities and actions, equality in rights and duties, and not underestimating the importance and importance of any of them, but rather appreciating their role, as each of them is a half that complements the other and shares an interest in the family and its construction.
  • Apology and tolerance: This high culture helps spouses and the rest of the family to overcome obstacles and problems, and it is evidence of love, affection, and family bonding between them.
  • Mutual respect: It is the duty of all family members, regardless of their opinion, or during the occurrence of disputes, and in difficult times, respect must remain the master of these situations so that one of them does not exceed the limits and offend or annoy the other, and if this happened unintentionally, he must apologize to him…
  • Reforming marital disputes: Despite the differences, they may increase family ties and bring them closer, provided they are managed properly and not be affected by them, or allow them to distract the hearts of family members, increase the distance between them, or affect the future of their relationships and their stability.
  • Working on changing negative habits: Both spouses must accept the differences with his partner before starting the change, then support him to change for the better for his sake first, and in order to balance the relationship between them, in addition to correcting the behavior of their children as well, using the kind method and praise, and looking at the individual positively and motivating him to improve his character.

Successful housekeeping and organization of married life

The house is the second home of the family and their safe kingdom in which they spend their happy time with love and harmony. Therefore, preserving it is a common duty among all family members who use it, including the husband and children, not just the wife’s task, noting that housekeeping, arrangement, and cleanliness preserve their health. And regulate their lives and facilitate them to perform their duties and activities calmly, provided that all of them share responsibility and help them with housework, each according to his ability.

Showing interest and frankness in feelings of love. Among the manifestations of this interest and love between spouses are the following:

  • Showing love and frankness with beautiful feelings: as the courtship between spouses, and the recognition of sincere love, increases friendliness and intimacy between them, in addition to romantic behaviors that indicate these warm feelings and deepen them.
  • Appreciating the other party and paying attention to his interests and goals: Appreciation is through praising the partner’s attractive personality, qualities, and morals, expressing admiration for his way of thinking and aspirations, and providing advice to him in what is in his interest, and supporting him in achieving his goals.
  • Presenting surprises from time to time: with the aim of breaking the routine and strengthening the relationship, such as: exchanging gifts, holding celebrations, and remembering special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, the wedding feast, and others.
  • Building trust and loyalty between spouses, as trust is the main pillar that supports marital happiness and stability, and it is built with time, and is exchanged between the spouses, with the necessity to understand its impact on their lives and its importance, by following the following advice: Avoid lying and cheating between spouses, as these negative qualities destabilize Trust between them.
  • Respect the privacy of marital life and not divulge its secrets or the secrets of one of the spouses. Giving each of them a private space, and avoiding methods that generate suspicions between them, such as tampering with personal property without permission, such as phones, electronic accounts, and others.
  • Support and build trust, and pledge to fidelity between the spouses, and not to breach the covenants that each of them make to the other, and to give each of them the opportunity for the other to gain his trust, and make him depend on him and believe in him.
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