5 Signs You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

Weddings are supposed to be romantic and magical. The whole event should go smoothly from start to finish, with the couple and all the guests feeling the love and complete happiness throughout the ceremony and reception.

Unfortunately, the path to having the perfect wedding day is never easy. You need to focus on every element that makes up the event. When you miss or neglect even the smallest detail, your wedding may end in a disaster, and it won’t have the fairytale-like ending you have always dreamt of.

Hiring the best wedding planners in the UAE can spell a huge difference in the success of this important event if you will be getting married in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE. With their help, you will have a wonderful wedding — one that you, your spouse, and all the guests won’t ever forget.

When to Hire a Wedding Planner

There is nothing wrong with going the DIY route and planning your wedding yourself. However, there are certain signs that you shouldn’t ignore which indicate that your best option for having the perfect marriage ceremony is to hire a wedding planner.

1.  You are always busy

When you have a demanding job or you are running your own business and can’t take time off to research, do comparison shopping, and the other tasks that come with wedding planning, the smartest move is to hire a wedding planner.

By doing so, you won’t have to spend hours scouring the Internet for inspiration and ideas. You won’t have to call or send emails to dozens of restaurants, hotels, and caterers asking for their rates, available dates, and other information you want to know about their amenities and services.

In addition, you won’t have to squeeze into your busy schedule time to physically visit these possible venues and meet the staff; a wedding planner will do all these for you, and more. With a wedding planner, you need only wait for the collated information for you to go over. If you want to check out a venue, you can have the wedding planner arrange a schedule that is convenient for you.

2. You can’t get help

When planning a wedding, at the very least, you will need someone to act as a sounding board. You need someone you can talk to about your ideas and ask them for their opinions. In addition, you will need help with some of the other things that come with planning a wedding such as trying the caterer’s tasting menu and scoping the possible venues.

If your spouse-to-be can’t go with you and you can’t get a friend or a family member to assist you as well, it would be best to hire a wedding planner. He or she can accompany you in all your outings and offer tips and advice that will help you make smart decisions.

3. You don’t know how much you should spend on your wedding

Setting a budget for your wedding is one of the most important things you have to do during the early planning stages.

Undoubtedly, you will get lots of tips and ideas for setting the budget on the Internet. However, your circumstances may differ from the ones you read online and, as such, may not be applicable to you.

The best person to help you set a budget for your dream wedding is a pro who has been helping couples plan this special event for many years. These pros know the industry norms and their years of experience will enable them to help you come up with the right budget based on your theme, guest count, and the wedding location or venue.

4. You want a destination wedding

In case you have always dreamt of having a beach wedding in an island paradise, flying to your preferred country several times to check and choose your hotel or resort and the possible venue is not a good idea. Doing so will simply be a waste of your precious time and money.

The right planner can handle all the stages that come with organizing and celebrating a destination wedding. From helping you complete and submit all the necessary paperwork, selecting your accommodation and reception venue, and arranging for the caterer and menu, you will have someone handling all the legwork in your dream destination.

You can even ask your wedding planner to negotiate with or ask for some freebies from the vendors. He or she will be more than happy to do this for you.

5. You already have a wedding date and venue but haven’t done anything else

If you have already made the arrangements for your civil or church wedding and have reserved the venue for the reception but haven’t organized anything else, including your wedding invitations, you may need a planer to jumpstart the whole planning process.

A wedding planner will help you work on your vision, set your priorities and your budget to get the ball rolling. If you keep getting stressed out about the wedding day coming closer and closer, your planner can alleviate your worries and clear away all the things that may be blocking you from getting any work done.

If you are exhibiting one or more of the signs listed above, don’t hesitate to hire a wedding planner. With his or her help, your dream wedding will become a reality. And you won’t even have to go through all the hard work and stress of bringing your plans to fruition.


Masha Cain is a founder and a managing director of Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. Masha’s idea of having a wedding planning agency came from having a wedding planner at her own wedding. Now, 5 years later, there have been over 100 successful weddings designed and planned by Masha and her team