Catering Tips to Ensure a Successful Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. But, planning a wedding reception can be daunting. Aside from having to allocate about 40% of your wedding budget to the reception, you want to ensure every guest is well-served. But, you can only proceed with your planning if you have a budget set for it.

Picking a Caterer

Before you choose a provider of wedding catering Duluth, know the kind of food that can and cannot be served. Often, it is best to have two different meals with the caterer to ensure even guests with food allergies can eat. Always keep in mind that your guests will appreciate more if they are served with a good quantity and quality of food than with something only their eyes can take.

When discussing the service with your caterer, confirm the inclusions of the price. Ensure they cover full catering that includes food ingredients, service, preparation, linens, and others. Also, determine if the price includes the drinks.

Moreover, ask the caterer if they can make a customized set menu based on your budget and taste. Don’t miss asking about their service charge. Such a charge often depends on the serving style. For instance, if you want a buffet-style reception, you can expect the service charge to be less. If you want to pay less, think about inquiring locally-sourced produce and getting catering quotes from various suppliers. Consider choosing caterers a few months before the wedding so you have enough time to discuss all requirements thoroughly and do the taste testing.

Selecting the Right Food for the Reception

Are you looking to arrange your wedding reception around a theme? If so, think about incorporating a menu to match. For instance, a vintage-style wedding should include the use of famous dishes in that era. For receptions that fit around a color scheme like green or blue, servings of seafoods would be perfect. You can also consider adding a fun element to the food by serving the favorite dish of the bride to the ladies and the grooms’ favorite dish to the guys.

No matter the food you want to pick, keep in mind that the time of the year you want to marry will have an influence on your menu. You don’t want to ask for winter veggies to be served to your summer wedding guests. Aside from the awful combination, this could also mean more cost for you.