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Honeymoon program in Turkey .. Enjoy the most wonderful moments


Honeymoon program in Turkey .. Enjoy the most wonderful moments

As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Honeymoon program in Turkey

For those who wish to plan a honeymoon program in Turkey, they can provide important information and take a general idea of ​​a project to make a trip to Turkey in various seasons, in hotels, rural areas, or remote and modern cities, and transportation is available of all kinds, luxury, and regular cars, luxurious and medium.
In this topic, we learn about the various honeymoon programs, what are the appropriate places that the newlyweds can go to, what is the cost of their honeymoon in Turkey 2020, and what are the most appropriate autumn and summer destinations, with the identification of the best restaurants in which traditional meals can be eaten while getting acquainted with The best tourist hotels can reserve suites or rooms in which the various details of interest to the reader on this subject are mentioned with full explanation and clarification.

The best means of transportation in Turkey

Due to the vast areas of tourism and commercial areas in Turkey, and the diverse climate that it enjoys, the wonderful views throughout the year, and the diversity of local dishes in it, it is considered a destination for couples wishing to spend their honeymoon trip, so the means of transportation in it vary from land, sea, and air.

To enjoy a honeymoon in Turkey, means of transportation are the most important components of a successful and enjoyable journey, to move between the territory of the Republic, the means of transportation must be available from:

  • Taxi, subway, trams, buses, service or dolmush, or what is known as shared taxis and other transportation.
  • The local “dhulmush” is a small border that carries a number of passengers, operating on a specific line in the city streets, making it easier to move around. This means of transportation can be found near squares, stations, public and popular road junctions, which are more comfortable and faster than regular buses.
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  • Taxi: one of the most prominent means of transportation, it is equipped with digital meters, which determine the value of the fare. It has offices in airports and taxi stations on request with ease.
  • Metro: One of the fun means of transportation in Turkey, distributed in some major cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, and Ankara, tickets are booked from the metro station, tickets can be purchased at the ticket station, the value of the card is 7 Turkish lira.
  • Buses:
  • They are the best means of transportation used by residents and expatriates, the price of tickets is low, and tickets are purchased at any station window in the city or bus offices.
  • Tram:
  • One of the easy means of transportation to transport passengers, which is available in most cities of the Republic, it is a fast and cheap way in comparison
  • With other means of transportation, the price of a ticket is about two Turkish lira, which is fast, comfortable, and cheap.
  • Modobuses:
  • Allows easy mobility in Turkey, between small cities and villages, operating within specific timetables, the driver must be sure
  • Passes to the desired destination, the bus starts after it is full of passengers, you can wait until the number is completed.
  • Traveling by plane for the wealthy aristocracy. This service provides luxury hotels suitable for a honeymoon in Turkey for a week. The plane can be known all over the republic with ease.

Tourist places in Turkey

Turkey is a tourist country par excellence, with the most beautiful archaeological sites in its cities, and the most beautiful landscapes above its mountains. Its valleys inhabit various forests, environmentally friendly plants of cypress, oak, beech, and oaks, and on the banks of its rivers and lakes the most beautiful sessions and the best evenings.

Princess Islands, the best places in Istanbul for brides, consist of nine islands, distributed on the Sea of ​​Marmara, the most important characteristic of which is the fresh air, as there are no cars to move in, but horse-drawn carriages, dotted with magnolia forests, some historical buildings, the Hamidiye mosque, a shopping center and the purchase of gifts Memorial.

These islands are suitable for recreation enthusiasts in an atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of cities. They sleep and wake up to the sounds of the traveling seagulls.

Perhaps reading Turkey’s most beautiful islands for your honeymoon will help you … you will be amazed by their beauty
To take souvenir photos, an online reservation is available for the most beautiful honeymoon islands in Turkey.

Karakli Village: For lovers of blue and green, plateaus and sea, ebb and flow, one of the most important places to spend honeymoon trips for lovers of the Turkish countryside and enjoy the breakfast of country houses, fresh air, and beautiful views to take memorial photos, it is possible to electronically provide a travel program and reservation for recreation.

The village of Artvin: Turkey’s most beautiful honeymoon trips in the fall season, at the end of the Turkish border and the beginning of the border with Georgia, quiet and charming heights overlooking the Black Sea with all gentleness, is an exceptional place for hobbyists to buy handmade carpets, the Crush River passes through it, a haven for rest, relaxation and the practice of hobby Rowing boats.

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