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How can I be a happy wife?


How can the wife be happy? There are some things that the wife should pay attention to in her marital life, and she should do them so that she can have a happy married life dominated by love, tranquility, and intimacy, and among these things are the following:

  • Self-love: in order for the wife to be happy, she must learn to love herself before loving her husband, as love begins with the self first, and when the wife loves and appreciates herself, this love will transfer to her husband.
  • Expressing feelings: It is very necessary for the wife to express to her husband the feelings of love and gratitude that she enjoys for him from time to time, and she must follow different methods to express her feelings, as this can enhance the feelings of intimacy and love between them, and help them to have a happy marital relationship.
  • Mutual respect: One of the things that may disturb the atmosphere of family life is the absence of respect between the spouses, so the spouses must exchange respect between them, show appreciation for what they do, and provide support and assistance to each other, as this plays a major role in building a happy and successful marital relationship.
  • Building relationships with happy friends: Friends have a great role in influencing a person’s mood, so it is necessary for a wife to choose happy friends in their marriage, as this will make the wife search for happiness in her marital life, and try as much as possible to stay away from complaining women.
  • Acknowledgment of a mistake: A happy wife is the one who does not hesitate to admit a mistake if she does it, as this gives the impression that she is modest, and the husband feels that he has a wife who is reconciled with herself and honest. Focusing on the happiness of the husband: The happiness of the husband is from the happiness of the wife, so the wife must meet the husband’s needs, from preparing food, maintaining the cleanliness of the house, and creating a romantic atmosphere, which makes the husband exchange her interest, and thus happiness and happiness will enter her heart, where wives rejoice a lot with attention…
  • Moving away from comparison: If a wife wants to live happily with her husband, she must stop comparing herself with other husbands, as an ideal marriage does not mean that a person has an ideal husband or wife, but rather means possession of understanding and satisfaction.
  • The introduction of the element of surprise: the wife must from time to time do unexpected things, and introduce the element of surprise into her marital life, to avoid boredom and routine in the relationship, and renew the marital life. Overlooking simple problems: It is natural that there are some things that may add an atmosphere of tension to marital life, so taking the method of overlooking simple problems is a good way to preserve the atmosphere of intimacy and love, and not to exaggerate problems that have no value.

Tips for a happy married life Some people think that marital happiness ends with the end of the honeymoon, and this is not true, as marital happiness can continue after that by following several tips, including the following:

  • Maintaining appreciation between spouses: One of the reasons that may make married life unhappy is the lack of appreciation between the spouses, the emotional dissatisfaction with the mutual feelings between them, and the failure to express gratitude and gratitude to the other party, so the focus must be on the continuous exchange of appreciation between the spouses.
  • Taking care of appearance: The many responsibilities of life may make spouses neglect their external appearance because they do not have time, and this may affect the marital relationship, so the spouses must allocate time to take care of their appearance, flirt with each other, and express admiration.
  • Accurate choice of speech: Both spouses must avoid some words that affect the nature of the marital relationship, for example, such as the husband’s criticism of his wife’s appearance after childbearing, or the husband’s flirtation with any girl in front of his wife, as these behaviors reduce feelings of love, and cause tension in the relationship.
  • Reinforcing the positive aspects: Both spouses should enhance the positive aspects and not highlight the negative aspects, by avoiding attachment to the past, avoiding continuing to remind the other party of failure, thinking about positive things, and raising the ladder of expectations.
  • Good listening: One of the things that must be paid attention to is the appreciation of the time that the other party shares with talking about his day’s activities, his achievements, and his concerns, through listening well to him.
  • Maintaining mutual trust: Trust is the basis for the continuation of the marital relationship and adding happiness to it, as couples must trust each other more than anyone else in this world.
  • Maintaining independence: Marriage is based on sharing, but this does not mean that there is no independence for both spouses, as each of the spouses loves to have time for himself to practice the hobbies that he loves.
  • Making concessions: Marital life goes through many challenges, and both spouses have to face these challenges, and it may sometimes be required to make some concessions to sustain the relationship, and both spouses must not hesitate to make concessions.
  • Celebrating together: The participation of spouses with each other, celebrating anniversaries is one of the ways to add happiness to married life, and the spouses should celebrate the achievements they achieve and support each other.
  • Maintaining social relations: The spouses must maintain their social relations, as the spouses cannot live alone. Social relations with friends and relatives help to change the routine of married life.
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