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How do you choose the appropriate gift for the beloved? 6 golden tips


How do you choose the appropriate gift for the beloved? 6 golden tips

Choosing a gift for the beloved needs a lot of carefulness and accuracy, because in many cases the gift is an expression of feelings and feelings. The writer reviews 6 important tips that help you choose the gift of your beloved and impress him every time you give him something.

One of the striking things is that with the current progress in the world, we are witnessing the multiplicity of occasions and holidays. We cannot say that this multiplicity and abundance is a bad thing as much as it has become a little costly and confusing matter, if we want to do such a census and give some examples of it, we will mention it. Lover’s gift, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, Marriage Day, Christmas … etc.

These holidays, which in fact we did not know before, now require us to show a lot of friendliness towards those who found the feast for them, for example, Mother’s Day, we must exchange the mother’s feelings of love and present her as a gift, on Valentine’s Day, the man usually initiates the gift to the girl Or the woman with whom he is related or loves, and the woman may exchange him the gift as well, if it becomes necessary to think in a logical and practical way about how to choose the gift and how to present it, in addition to calculating the matter accurately so that it does not become costly in the end, especially with the increase in the number of these gifts, i.e. Find a suitable, beautiful, expressive and budget gift that you can stick to.

Of course, many of us have become suffering from this problem, how do I buy the gift of the beloved, people differ in tastes, requests, desires, what you like and dislike, how can we interact with those around us and buy what suits this person and others, this confusion sometimes may lead us to commit many Mistakes, so if you are someone who wants to know the logical and good ways to choose and buy the gift, here are the following tips that may be of great benefit to you.

Creativity in thinking and execution

The first idea that you should make and implement when buying the gift is that you can think outside the box, what other people think may become a stereotypical and boring matter for the recipient, for example, it is not desirable for 5 people to present the same style of gifts to the same recipient, for example, If the mother loves to cook, is it considered that everyone presenting her kitchen tools is a positive thing, of course not, it may be a bit negative sometimes, or very boring for the recipient, so it is important to think in a different and creative way, this is in addition to the packaging process. And the presentation is innovative and far from automatic. It was in a box and with a gift ribbon, try to hide it, for example, in a place that you know that the recipient uses it daily with a card that points to you, makes it always seem as unexpected as possible

Make a list of your beloved gift you might buy

It is very helpful to create a list of things that the other person would be interested in. The first step is to just write down all of the things they would like, the next step is to think about what might go well with each item on the list, whether large or small. . In fact, you have to combine all elements of the equation well before choosing, relying on subsequent advice, so that your choice falls on the proposed gift, in the end, your ultimate goal should be to choose the best gift that the other person will consider more appropriate than others. For example, if they like science fiction, you can send them a book on science fiction, you can invite them to a new movie about science fiction, search for information that is not available in the science fiction field that they might enjoy seeing that no one else can get.

Consider their needs, their hobbies, what they desire

Another important piece of advice in choosing a suitable gift for the lover is that you try to know what the recipient needs, sometimes we may give them a gift that is related to the hobbies that they love, but which is far from what they need in terms of things and needs, it is preferable to try to find out what they need. These needs may be related to buying a gift to the new home (they may need carpets in it, for example) or work or other things. Stay away from thinking only about the hobbies that the recipient practices or loves. He may like to have watched, but he needs a new radio for the car. It is better to buy the radio for him, or that the nature of his work requires a new laptop and his old computer. Getting out of the narrow view is very useful in many cases for you and the recipient who will know at that moment that you think about him a lot.

Keep track of what they desire

Some people may not like this idea very much, but it is very useful and innocent, if you want to buy the gift for someone who shares the office with you at work or for your partner at home, you can try to search the search engine on his computer for his most desires or what he desires, you can review the famous e-commerce sites And that you know that the recipient visits it, such as eBay or Amazon, look at the most desired goods and needs and visit them frequently.

Make the gift of your beloved personalized

If you are someone who is skilled in handicrafts or have skills, you can try to form the gift to the recipient, if you are someone who can work with weaving, you can make a scarf for your mother this winter, or if you have the skills in forming pottery, you can make a vase for someone, If you are someone who excels at working with wood, you can also make woodworking and gift it. Personalized gifts are much closer to the heart and desirable, and mean more to the recipient than the ones you buy. Try to be creative in the gift this year if you are one of the people who excel and possess the necessary skills.

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