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How to make new friends? 7 tips for making new friends


7 tips for making new friends

Man is a social being by nature, as he seeks to communicate with others and increase the number of his acquaintances and friends from time to time. But studies indicate that 16-50 percent of people are introverted, do not deal well with strangers in a way that makes the relationship develop into friendship soon.

These introverts are the ones who struggle the most in trying to build new friendships, but extroverts are also not immune to this suffering.

Ok now here are some simple tips that are going to help you build new friendships.

1- Make sure of the type of friends you want
Before you start communicating with strangers, you should spend some time thinking about your reasons for building new friendships. Is it, for example, because you feel lonely and need someone to talk to, or do you need a friend to accompany you to parties and nighttime outings?

This step is essential. Because it puts you on the road and points you to the right place to find new friends.

2- Be around people with multiple friendships
The easiest way to meet new people casually is to be around someone who has a lot of friends. If there is no man among your acquaintances with these qualities, then you should look for someone who has many friends, then try to get to know him as a new friend, and through him, you can win many other friends.

3- Use social networks
Social networks are a very useful way to find out what your friends are doing and what they’re thinking. Not only that, but you can also build tons of friendships from scratch. There are multiple ways to get to know new friends through these networks, for example getting to know your friends’ friends, and including trying to get to know people who work in the same field as you, or people who live near you, or even those with the same hobbies and interests. These features are present in most of these networks, especially Facebook.

4- Remember your old friends
Every person has at least one person who was considered his close friend in a period of his life, but the friendship between them began to fade with time for reasons known or unknown, and there may not be any misunderstanding or difference that occurred between them, but time alone was the reason for the separation between them.

It is very possible that this person feels the same way as you, and he may wish you were friends again. You have to take the initiative, find him, and try to talk to him in order to restore the relationship between the two of you.

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5- Classmates and work colleagues
It’s important not to forget to think about the people you spend most of your time with school or work friends. You already have some things in common. You should try to communicate with them outside of school or work hours. And try to get your friends to know each other.

6- Find people who share your interests
This is perhaps one of the best and easiest ways to build friendships, but many people overlook it. And often there are gatherings in your city for people who pursue some of the hobbies that you love. Find these gatherings and try to get to know these people.

A similar method is volunteering. Volunteering in various activities allows you to get to know many people with whom you may not have any other connection.

How do you show your interest in a discussion that you don’t care about at all?

7- Don’t forget about constant contact
For someone to be your friend, you must go through the acquaintance stage first. If you meet someone for the first time and would like to maintain a relationship with him and befriend him, do not wait for a chance to prepare for your second meeting, but rather take the initiative to arrange this meeting.

You can call him to ask about his news, but don’t be a parasite. Meaning that you have to know that friendship must go through gradual stages, so do not try to anticipate things and consider that this person is your close friend, while you only met once or twice.

Ultimately, you need to realize that trial and error, or even failure, is your best way to build friendships. Do not despair if an attempt fails, but keep striving for your goal, for it is worth the effort for it. It may take some time, but you will definitely arrive someday.

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