Important Things You Must Know for Creating A Perfect Wedding Card Box

There are so many things involved in wedding planning. Photographer, DJ, attire, florist, food and drinks, accommodation etc. are some of the things that require a lot of planning. But have you planned for your wedding card box? Nowadays, people increasingly buy wedding gifts online that are delivered directly to the home of the couple. But still, there are a few guests who wish to deliver their gifts personally to the couple. You don’t want your guests to carry your gifts with them for the whole day or hide it somewhere where nobody can see. In those cases, a gift table is very much needed.

Place a wedding card box front on your table that will assist guests to deposit their cards and gifts that they bring to the event.  Customized wedding card boxes can make your things execute smoothly at the reception and lessen a small section of your worries.

Various options for card boxes

When it comes to selection of a wedding card box, you will get umpteen choices to find the best one.

Repurpose your old Items

Wedding card box does not have to be of the form of a box. It can be a means to repurpose your old items. Some of the popular choices in wedding card boxes are a vintage style suitcase, a decorated mailbox and an old birdcage. Not just they look good but also adds a fun touch to the occasion. It makes the gift table memorable.

DIY approach

If you want to design your wedding card box on your own, then you can even use your own skills and creativity to prepare an attractive wedding card box. Whether traditional or contemporary, you will get several ideas on the web to choose the best design for your box.

Take assistance of customized box manufacturer

If you don’t want to risk anything in your prestigious event, then it is better to leave the task to the professionals. There are several professional stores that will provide you different types of custom boxes. You can get superior quality custom boxes on the basis of industry and manufacturer.

On basis of industry

  • Cosmetic Boxes
  • Eco Friendly Boxes
  • Display Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metalized Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Retail Boxes

On the basis of style

  • Bottom Closure
  • Figure and Pattern
  • Fold and Assemble
  • CD Covers
  • Rectangular
  • Showcase Exhibit


A customized wedding card box makes a fabulous way to add a stylish touch to the decoration of your gift table. It is one of the best ways to reflect your style. A little word of appreciation and gratitude would cast the best impression on your guests. Above tips will give you an idea in selection of the right wedding card box for the grand event.