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Learn about the cost of a honeymoon in Greece


Learn about the cost of a honeymoon in Greece

The cost of a honeymoon in Greece … Greece has become one of the most sought-after destinations for every newlywed bride to spend their honeymoon, and this is because the Greek islands have an occasion very similar to the atmosphere in most Arab countries and the charming nature of these islands In it, the blue waters embrace the white buildings and the clear sky with the meadows and the lush gardens surrounding all this ancient Greek civilization and culture that puts its touches on everything around you, even the meals you eat in the restaurants of these islands combine originality in taste, taste, and modernity in serving food and the distinctive look of those Restaurants.

Learn with us in this article about the cost of a honeymoon in Greece

Greece is characterized by its long coasts and many islands, where there are more than 2000 islands and most of these islands are tourist attractions for tourists from all over the world and tourism in Greece does not cost you much money because the places have a variety of levels and suit everyone. Here are some tips and steps that save you in expenses

Air travel costs … Find the best price for a flight ticket

First, we start by reserving airline tickets early so that you have the opportunity to enjoy the discounts offered by some airlines. We also advise you to travel between the months of September and October as the number of tourists decreases and therefore all prices decrease and you can

In this case, saving more than a quarter of the costs, and the average price of airline tickets is in the range of 550 dollars, and the cheapest price of a plane ticket from Cairo to Athens is 143.48 euros and another from Alexandria to Athens of 170.85 euros.

Obtaining a visa…. Entry visa to Greece

You can obtain this visa from the Greek embassy in your country, knowing that the visa is valid for 6 months and the period of your stay in Greece is 90 days, and the visa is issued within 15 days from the date of delivery of the required documents and the cost of the visa is approximately $ 141, of course, you can obtain this visa from any tourism office In your country, it will be more expensive than that due to the tourist office commission.

Accommodation in Greece … the best and cheapest hotels
Alternatives in Greece are available from hotels of all degrees, starting from 3 stars to guest houses and hotel apartments. You have all options that suit all levels. Here, dear reader, is a list of some of these hotels and their prices.

Do you know The cost of accommodation in Greece for a honeymoon? Yes! No! Here is the answer.

How much does it cost to stay in Greece for a honeymoon?

  • Zina Hotel Apartments is a 3-star and economical hotel, and the price per night starts at about $ 55, which is very reasonable
  • Art Athena Hotel, a 4-star hotel, is located 5 minutes from the metro station, leaving you free to prepare your own meals so that you can do the right food for you with savings in expenses as it provides a free meal and the price per night is about $ 82The “Oasis Hotel Apartments” is considered a 4-star hotel and is about 4 minutes walk from the beach. The hotel provides breakfast, and that is from seven in the morning until ten in the morning, and the price per night in this hotel starts at about $ 78
  • In this article, we learned about several ways to save on honeymoon expenses in Greece, with its charming islands, the best tourist countries in Europe
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