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Top dream cities for food lovers


To crave is intrinsic, to flavour is an adventure and to eat is life but to find the equitable spot of classic food is choice.

Generally, our Globe has been known for its inhabitants’ tremendous abilities for making diverse varieties of delicious cuisines out of raw ingredients. In this respect, those mortals are worth appreciable who have a good sense of taste and urge to explore the food; the food lovers worldwide highlight the importance of food.

These food lovers form deliberate trackers of soulful life as their utmost belief is that what you digest shall decide what to come around. In this regard, they are mostly reluctant to compromise the element of food in their life.

As the count of food lovers across the world constitutes a big collection of explorers, so are the numerous cities of food outreaches famous for food lovers’ hubs.

Among the famous culinary metropolitan cities, Europe stands on the top for its appetizing meals and the eastern cities famous for cultural foods while America for its continental cuisine.


This city has already been known for the wonder of the world; the Colosseum, and other historical places.

Additionally, the famous cuisine of it forms the cherry on the top for the food lovers as a perfect place to freshen up the soul. Famous food spots involve the restaurants, especially the Enoteca Cu de Sac, which is quite famous for seafood, especially Venus Black rice with mussels. This city has a major fan following of the food lovers as a dream place to get an awesome experience of food and following restaurants mark the heights:

  • L’Arcangelo  
  • Flavio al Velavevdetto
  • Salumeria Roscioli
  • La Torricella     


This city is quite popular as Foodie’s paradise for its exceptional culinary items. This can be termed a dream place for the food lovers, especially the pasta fritters as this city is the hub of fresh egg pasta and Lambrusco. You shall find Mercato Delle Erbe, Osteria dell’Orsa and La Frasca al Vicolo far more interesting places to dine in among the locals of Bologna. There are multiple specialities of this city which involves:

  • Lasagna
  • Ossobuco
  • Risotto
  • Truffles
  • Focaccia 


This city is quite more popular for its global cuisine. Substantially, it holds the theme of being the world-famous place to offer delicious and mind-blowing food which can be declared paradise for the food lovers.

Among its jaw-dropping food lists are Gyro, submarine sandwich, french cuisine, flaming saganaki and many more. In contrast, infamous snacks are Vienna beef, Cracker Jack, Jibarito and much to mention more. Similarly, there are some right places to dine in, which are as follows:

  • Alinea
  • Avec restaurant
  • Lou Malnati

Los Angeles

This city is praised for being the best place to enjoy edibles along with the ongoing activities. Los Angeles, along with food, is also famous for wine production like France and Germany. Food lovers should also know the culinary spots to make their dream come true. Among these highlights of food spots following are the most recommended ones:

  • Pacific dining car
  • Canter’s Restaurant
  • Musso and Frank Grill


Last on the list is Lahore regarding the dream place for food lovers, but it’s not lower than others. It is quite famous for its cultural food and spicy food. The varieties of food are the hype that is quite high in this city.

Among these famous foods are Chicken Karahi, Biryani, seekh kabab, shahi tukray, beef palao and many more worth mentioning. First of all, every local knows that this city is famous for its lime corners, especially street food. But even though still some following restaurants are of great joy to become a paradise for the food lovers across the globe:

  • The Lakhanvi
  • Haveli Restaurant
  • Veranda Bistro

In a nutshell, many places hold the Heart-throbbing existence for food lovers all around the world. Furthermore, if a food lover is guided with the address of food’s real paradise, then it’s not less than a dream to come true.

So, it’s not the issue of finding the place to eat instead of a soul having the spirit of searching for the fine fibers, healthy carbs, indulging sweets, flaming meat, and above all the real food is making out a soulful life.

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