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Top Tourism Destinations Inspired by Film and TV


Are you a movie geek and an avid traveler combined? Or do you want to revisit the scenes from the reel by visiting the real-life settings? 

Here are the top tourism destinations inspired by film and tv you can take a trip to. If you are a movie fanatic and an adventurous traveler, or either of these, you will definitely fall in love with these destinations upon a mere sight of them. 

Scottish Highlands, Scotland- Harry Potter

The fans’ favorite, the Harry Potter saga, has been watched by people of all age groups. At some point in our life, we all have been eagerly waiting for our letter from Hogwarts. We have been preparing to escape from this muggle world to the virtual world of witchcraft and wizardry. 

And who does not remember that mighty highlands that formed the background of Quidditch matches? Glen Nevis has the potential to quench your thirst for adventure, so I would advise you to pay the visit to Scottish Highlands.

Dubrovnik, Croatia- Game of Thrones

Here is another masterpiece of nature that has grabbed the attention of viewers. You can now visit the King’s Landing from the famous series, Game of Thrones. The show’s popularity has made many of the locations visible to the world, which were earlier, quite underrated. 

Welcome to Dubrovnik, aka King’s Landing. You can pay a visit to the royal capital of the aesthetic land of Westeros. The mythical architecture instantly takes us back to the good old times of strong fortresses.

It is exciting to revisit the scenes of your favorite, Game of Thrones, by a mere glimpse of the narrow streets and stone walls of Dubrovnik.

Matamata, New Zealand – Lord of the Rings

The picturesque landscape of Matamata can take you to the Middle Earth of the popular franchise, Lord of the Rings. You are already familiar with the breathtaking beauty the land possesses, but the visitors confirm that the place is as wholesome in reality as it is shown in the movies.

I am sure this land would attract you again towards itself once you have taken a trip there. Another popularity of the area is that it has also been included in another popular franchise, The Hobbit.

The Caribbean- Pirates of the Caribbean

Hardly, there would be any people who have seen Pirates of the Caribbean and haven’t fallen in love with watching the fan-favorite Jack Sparrow sailing across the Caribbean.

Well, Jack Sparrow is not the only one who can enjoy the scenic waves of the Caribbean. You can even get to see the pirates’ haven, the Port Royal, once you move towards Wallilabou Bay.

Kyoto, Japan- Inception

The much talked about film that has given some valuable insight into science have been shot in different cities. If you are looking for the location which has provided inception with its unique painted designs to start the story, it is none other than Kyoto.

Kyoto, the city of japan, effortlessly makes its way into the list of top tourism destinations inspired by film and tv, which the visitors would definitely enjoy. Kyoto’s Nijo Temple is a place worth visiting, impressing tourists with its mythical paintings taking them back to history.

Istanbul, Turkey- Argo

The vibrant beauty of Istanbul, when carries within the spirit of the Oscar-winning movie Argo, leaves no reason not to visit this wonderland. Istanbul is a work of art in itself that has never failed to impress the directors for movie shots and visitors with its busy streets, colorful bazaars and delicious cuisine for food lovers.

If you are looking forward to visiting the colorful bazaars as shown in Argo, Istanbul is a go-to place.

Savoca, Italy- The Godfather

Savoca smoothly enjoys its place among the top tourism destinations inspired by Film and TV, parallel to the iconic film, The Godfather. The developers of the movie have intelligently put Savoca’s not-too-developed looking views in the movie. Savoca, with its alluring beauty, welcomes its tourists too often. If you are looking for a place that has enjoyed its mark in one of the popular movies, do not forget to include Savoca in it.

All these places have a lot to offer for both adventurous travelers and movie fanatics. I hope this list has helped you find some breathtaking locations from your favorite movies. Good luck with your next trip.

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